Are you ready to heal?

Is your partner capable of change or could they be dangerous?

Have you ever wondered why you haven't left?

For nearly two years, I agonized over the right decision. Back and forth I swung between what to do next--minute after minute, day after day. Does this sound familiar?

Cognitive dissonance is real condition with far-reaching consequences. It's a neurologically damaging state of mind brought on by narcissistic abuse. 

If you'd like help resolving the mental confusion, then this course is for you!

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The best predictor of a strong recovery after abuse/trauma recovery is a good social support system. 

The first thing I did after leaving the narcissistically abusive relationship was to immerse myself in online group coaching. There, I found real acceptance while I regained control over my life, and healed my battered self-confidence. I believe in this process so strongly that I've created a specially designed online community and learning center for survivors of narcissistic abuse. 

Become a member and learn more about healthy and dysfunctional relationships, including how to manage high conflict dynamics, tricky interpersonal situations, and your own emotional reactions.

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For less than the cost of one coaching call a month, become a member of Dr. McAvoy’s exclusive inner circle and obtain regular direct contact and professional feedback. Find real understanding in a community of fellow survivors.

Are you ready to supercharge your healing?

Take your healing to the next level and become a member of Toxic-Free academy. Join live weekly group office hours, continuous training, and live and online guided breath work and meditation. Learn more about yourself,  make sense of what you survived, and chart the next best steps in recovery.

Do you feel stupid for falling for the wrong partner?

Abuse can even happen to a psychologist!

Love You More: The Harrowing Tale of Lies, Sex Addiction, & Double Cross

Read this graphic true story and learn how narcissistic abuse can render even a psychologist like Dr. McAvoy helpless.

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